Become a Volunteer in Our Programs for Seniors

Please feel free to research the opportunities we have for volunteering work. If you have further questions, call us at 217-479-4619.

Bread of Love Serves Morgan, Cass, and Scott Counties

Meals on Wheels delivers Hamilton’s catered meals.  No senior is turned away.  The suggested donation is $4/day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

One hot, ready-to-eat meal, four days a week.

Doorbell Diners Is Jacksonville ONLY

Meals on Wheels delivers Passavant catered, doctor prescribed meals.

The $4.30 fee must be paid daily, Monday through Friday.

Each delivery includes 2 meals: 1 hot and 1 cold.

Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program (IVMMP)

Help seniors go through their confusing mail. Produce an agreed upon budget. Help them pay bills and save for items like eyeglasses and dentures.

Carrollton Office
(217) 942-5563

Jacksonville Office
(217) 479-4619

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PRAIRIE COUNCIL ON AGING does NOT hire in-home care aids. If you would like to be an in-home care aid, contact any of the following organizations to be hired by them. A background check and hours of training is required. PRAIRIE COUNCIL ON AGING coordinates who receives hours of in-home care and how many hours but does NOT hire or pay in-home care aids. See below.

In Home Care Agencies:

  • Addus (800) 659-6474
  • Cass County Mental Health (217) 323-3980 x326
  • Community Care Systems, Inc. (CCSI) (800) 637-0401
  • Help at Home (HAH) (866)-617-6100
  • Home Instead (217) 245-9192