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Volunteer Opportunities

Bread of Love

Meal Servers

Home Delivery Drivers

contact Billie Jo Cooper 217-479-4619

To assist the elderly in completing Benefit Access Applications
and other programs documents.

contact Billie Jo Cooper 217-479-4619

IN-OFFICE and for EVENTS as scheduled

Such as October 27th, 2015
the 7th Annual Prairie Council on Aging, Senior Day

contact Nancy Thorsen 217-479-4619 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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100 cars for Good campaign. One vote per facebook account on 11-5-13 or the 36th day in the contest.

1st & 2nd place WIN a car 3rd place $1000 SO HELP US. Open facebook , search for

Toyota 100 Cars for Good and go to the 36th Day- You can then press REMIND me and you will receive a REMINDER.

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