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...helping older people live independently is sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging.

Prairie Council on Aging (PCOA) is the Case Coordination unit and we send a case manager to your home at no cost to discuss your needs and determine

whether you qualify for CCP. If you are eligible, the PCOA Case Manager will be contacting you monthly and checking on any services which may have been




provided through Community Care Program (CCP) :

Homemaker, Adult Day Service, Emergency Home Response Service

Homemakers can, dust, clean the kitchen and bath, do laundry and assist with personal care for the moderately impaired. Assistance is also available with meal

planning and preparation.

Adult Day Service is available in Springfield and Alton Areas, see the community links section from this Home Page.

Emergency Home Response Service (EHRS) is a 24 hour communication link to assistance outside the home. The senior wears a wrist or neck button that can be

pushed if they are in need of assistance. A voice will answer the push of the button from the base unit in the home and help, can be sent if necessary. Loved ones

can also be called as needed.



age 60 and older

determined physically in need of service, meaning you are moderately impaired

a resident of Illinois, US Citizen or legal alien

meet the asset requirements which will explained to you by the case manager that comes to your home

apply for medical benefits, again the case manager will explain.

If you think you are NOT eligible, call anyway and receive a private pay list, updated annually, that may assist you in receiving all the same services, privately.


If you meet the eligibility requirements and your family income is below the poverty level, the State of Illinois will pay the entire cost of service.

If your family income is above eligible limits you will be given the private pay list. Your cost will depend on your level of impairment, the cost of care. The Case

Manager can explain all of this in the comfort of your own home.



Call Prairie Council on Aging (PCOA) and within 5 days a PCOA case manager will contact you for an appointment to come out and discuss your needs and what the Community Care Program can do for you. TOll FREE 1-800-862-4464 OR Morgan & Cass counties call 217-479-4619 OR Scott, Greene and Jersey Counties call 217-942-5563.